DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro
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Phantom soaring

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Shown with GoProHERO3+ (maybe not included)

Shown with GoProHERO3+ (not included)
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Ready-to-fly Aerial Filming Rig with GoPro Mount
DJI’s Phantom quadcopter may be the equipment of preference for next-generation filmmakers, extreme sports enthusiasts and R/C hobbyists. Despite all enhanced functions, you can discover, when you’ve never before had an outdoor helicopter, here is the starting point. With revolutionary functions such Intelligent Orientation Control, automatic navigation to residence and a sleek, built-in design, see for yourself why the Phantom could be the rig used by pros and newbies alike.
smart Orientation Control (IOC)
At the flip of a switch, it is possible to change the Phantom from flying relative to its front side and back to traveling in accordance with a house point, enabling you to perform sweeping camera motions without losing tabs on steps to make your Phantom go in the intended direction. This innovation is made feasible because of the Naza-M autopilot and needs to-be turned on before making use of. Making use of the included USB cable and downloadable Naza Assistant computer software, you can easily enable IOC as well as other enhanced functions.
GoPro Camera Mount
The Phantom includes a GoPro installing case from DJI and holes when it comes to standard GoPro housing (shown at left using GoPro Hero3+, maybe not included). Tip: use the GoPro’s onboard movie rotation (flip) setting-to adjust the upside down installing place.
Special Start Sequence
at the same time keep the LEFT joystick towards lower-RIGHT while keeping just the right joystick on lower LEFT. Both joysticks should be pointing down and toward each other. The Phantom’s engines will likely then start and you can allow joysticks return to their particular center roles. Carefully switch on the motors for take-off and you also’re traveling! To quit the motors, contain the remaining joystick right to your base.
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Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Mount Features at-a-glance:
  • Ready-to-Fly design indicates no complex tuning or “binding”–each Phantom is pre-configured in the factory
  • Internal automatic pilot can go back to residence and land via GPS immediately
  • Transmitter range over 980 legs (300m)
  • Compatible with Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal for awesome steady video clips (offered individually, calls for improve board)
  • Up to 15 minutes. of flight time with included rechargeable-battery
Quick Start in 5 basic steps
1. Charge the included main journey battery pack and add your very own AA batteries towards the transmitter. 2. Attach the propellers (wrench included), landing gear and GoPro mount using the screws provided. 3. switch on the transmitter and calibrate the compass (if required). 4. Install the Phantom’s electric battery. 5. Activate the Phantom utilising the unique Start Sequence shown at remaining. RECORDS and WARNINGS: The Phantom was created to rise and should simply be utilized outside. For optimum security, DJI advises the employment of prop protections, which are offered individually. Right calibration of digital compass is required before very first journey. Kindly follow all steps into the owner’s handbook watching introductory movies before attempting to travel. Wi-Fi signals from an on-board device (like GoPro HERO3+ or any other Wi-Fi camera) may hinder the 2.4 GHz control frequencies and cause the Phantom to lose contact with its transmitter. Please make sure that the Phantom’s flying location is without interference by electromagnetic signals into the 2.4 GHz range, and don’t carry Wi-Fi gear on-board the Phantom. Obey all regional and nationwide laws and regulations and airspace constraints, never operate the Phantom consuming medications or alcohol, and avoid operating in areas of dense populace. USB slot on a compatible computer system is needed for some enhanced functions; visit to down load the most recent Naza-M assistant computer software.
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Researching the Phantom (this page) with the Phantom 2 Vision, also from DJI

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Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Mount
Phantom 2 Vision

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Phantom 2 Vision with 14MP Video Camera

smart Orientation Control (IOC)

prepared fly, includes transmitter and rechargeable-battery

Configurable via USB with downloadable computer software

Includes GoPro mount

15 minutes. flying per fee

Includes 14MP/1080p camcorder with Wi-Fi online streaming and microSD recording

Redesigned propellers for optimum raise

25 mins. traveling per charge

Cost: $467.99

  • Complete quadcopter and remote transmitter, pre-tuned because of the factory and ready in moments! Simply charge the included battery pack, connect the propellers and landing equipment, and include 4 AA electric batteries toward remote therefore’re flying.
  • Fun flying on it’s own or even much better with a GoPro to record the action. Tested with Hero2, Hero3 and Hero3+ models, offered individually. Make dramatic cinema-quickly results from air! Note: Wi-Fi online streaming from a camera just isn’t possible because it may hinder the Phantom’s remote control.
  • Outdoor journey is manufactured feasible by advanced GPS positioning that compensates for light wind. The Phantom features a fail-safe function and certainly will be configured to automatically fly to and land at its take-off place if connection to the transmitter is lost. Note: interior trip or procedure by people under 18 years is certainly not advised.
  • With a maximum horizontal rate of 22 miles/hour (10 meters/second), the Phantom allows you to capture the activity of almost any sport, occasion or scene.
  • The Phantom’s advanced Naza-M autopilot system enables you to configure advanced parameters via computer software (USB interface and individual down load needed).

  1. 321 of 351 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing Product, January 21, 2013
    By Jeremy
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro (Camera)
    I purchased my Phantom from DSLRPros. I had several questions regarding the product, and wound up making numerous phone calls and emails before purchasing. No matter how many times I had “just one more question”, Don and his team at DSLRPros were incredibly patient, informative and responsive. I never felt pressured to make the purchase; and once I did, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to discover their post-sale customer support was just as good as their pre-sale support! As for the Phantom itself, I am amazed by the technology in this quadcopter! For the price, I was sure that there would be some compromise, some ‘amateur’ or ‘consumer’ oriented lack of technology in exchange for ease of use, as compared to other remote control copters which cost several times this much. This is one of the few examples of a product I can think of that has managed to do both with no compromising. Having almost no experience with multirotors, I was very concerned about the prospect of flying a several hundred dollar remote control helicopter without crashing, never mind the fact that my $400 camera would be hanging from the bottom of it. I was, and still am, amazed at just how easy and fun it is to fly this thing. From the peace of mind that the GPS enabled safe-home function provides, to the Intelligent Orientation Control flight mode, which takes the guess work out of figuring out which direction the craft is facing while steering, to the GPS attitude mode, which basically provides a set of ‘brakes’ in mid air, allowing the craft to stop and hover in place, instead of careening off into a tree or something. I am still new to it and getting better, but my initial nervousness and trepidation has been completely replaced by fun and excitement. The only downsides I can think of is that the assistant software initially required for some functions to be enabled is for PC only. As an Apple centric household, it was a bit of a hassle to bother my neighbor to use his PC. Also, the main downer for the copter itself is the battery life. I understand that it can’t hold too many or too heavy of a battery by the sheer necessity to keep weight down, but I do wish the battery life was longer than the 10 minutes or so of flight time. I will definitely be ordering a few spares from DSLRPros…. I can honestly say that DSLRPro’s support and customer service is head and shoulders above any others I’ve dealt with on Amazon. Overall, an awesome product, and an awesome seller- a killer combination!
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Ten months and 2 Phantoms later…, October 22, 2013
    By Big Sur Steve
    This review is from: DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro (Camera)
    I purchased my first Phantom when they first came out in January. I had been flying a Hawkspy copter with a low resolution camera for a couple of months and became hooked on aerial photography and the fun of flying. For less than $100, the Hawkspy was a good value for what you got: Remote control Helicopter with Gyro and Spycamera!! -3.5ch Hawkspy LT-711 Black A large helicopter capable of filming low resolution video. The copter flew okay in calm conditions, but any kind of breeze would make flight control difficult, to say the least. After a few landings in people’s backyards, and host of apologies later, I decided to upgrade my equipment to the Phantom and attached a GoPro3 Black edition camera to it’s hull.

    Flight control of the Phantom is vastly superior to the Hawkspy and video resolution of the GoPro is vastly superior to low resolution camera that came with the budget priced helicopter. For a toy, the Hawkspy is a good value for what it does. If you want an entry level, professional piece of aerial filming equipment, the Phantom is hard to beat for the price. My first Phantom cost about $670 and now you can find them for around $470. A really good deal for a quad copter that is well built, is easy to control, and has GPS.

    If you read the other reviews, you will find as much technical detail about these quad copters as you want. I’ve decided to write this review based upon experience and I have several recommendations:

    1. With flying time, screws can become loose. Check screws on a regular basis to make sure things are tight. I checked the screws on my second Phantom when it came out of the box and found 3 were loose and needed a little tightening.

    2. Get spare props and if you plan on shooting video, get the carbon fiber props and balance them with a prop balancer. i have a rubber isolated camera mount as well, but I don’t think it’s necessary for shooting Jello free video. There is zero jello when shooting 1080/60 with balance carbon fiber props and no rubber isolated camera mounts. While the isolated camera mount is added insurance, it can cause problems. On one flight, one of the rubber bushings for the camera mount became detached and when I landed, the GoPro came out of the mount all together resulting in a scratched the lens. Here is a video I shot with balanced graphite props and no camera isolation mounts.

    3 Besides paying attention to trees, wind, and wires when flying pay attention to those props when spinning. I got a pretty good cut when I reached for the Phantom and caught my finger turning blade.

    4. When I first got my Phantom, I flew it on a regular basis, weather permitting. With practice, I became pretty comfortable flying it. Then I didn’t fly it for about two months. I quickly found I had lost my skills and promptly flew it into a tree. My first and only crash. The blades got banged up, but overall, the Phantom came out of the crash in good shape. If you haven’t flown for a while, get yourself familiar with the Phantom in an open area until your skills come back.

    5. The prop balancer I use has two powerful magnets to hold the shaft in place. Keep the prop balancer away from the Phantom. We recently moved to a new house, so I packed the prop balancer with the Phantom quad copter. Unfortunately, the magnet was too close to the compass and I had a compass error problem I needed to resolve. Keep magnets away from the compass unless you want to spend a lot of time getting the compass right again.

    6. Get at least two backup batteries. Ten minutes of flight isn’t very long before landing again. The spare batteries get you back in the air quickly. I have four batteries and also bring along a portable battery charger if I plan on flying for any length of time.

    7. If you are into performance flying, you won’t want the added weight of the prop guard. I’m into filming more than performance flying so I use a prop guard for several reasons. After cutting my finger, I don’t want to cut anybody or anything with those props. The prop guard helps eliminate this possibility. The prop guard also makes the Phantom more visible when flying. I painted the two front prop guards red, so I could more easily tell front from back when the Phantom is flying high in the sky. Works great. I also recently added a very bright light over the battery cover. This combined with the red prop guard make it easy to keep the Phantom oriented the way you want it.

    8. Join Phantom Pilots: […] It is an online group of folks who fly Phantom Quadcopters. It’s a friendly group and they have good tips for both novice more experienced flyers, alike.

    9. Keep a common sense pre-flight check list and go…
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  3. 685 of 728 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Phantom vs.Tree, March 27, 2013
    By Zetau (Nantahala National Forest, US) –
    = Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro (Camera)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 0:53 Mins

    *NOTE: before taking it out for its first flight, grab a Sharpee and write your phone number on it clearly with the words “REWARD”. If you lose it, you just might luck-out with a phone call. You may want to put the reward amount on there, too. $50-100 is well worth it if someone calls.


    Okay, this is too cool. First I should state that I have *never* flown a radio-controlled aircraft. Never, as in zip.

    What drew me to this was that it’s made for use with GoPro cameras, which I already own, and I needed a new way to use the camera. Mine is the original GoPro, and although the DJI Phantom includes an open “basket” to hold your camera, it also uses the same GoPro mounting bracket elements, so I kept mine in its GoPro case (for protection) and hung it upside-down from the Phantom. Anyone with a GoPro camera knows that it’s very easy to invert the video ride-side up.

    I put mine together after watching the five videos on the DJI site (Amazon deletes URLs in reviews, so I’ll add the URL to a comment), but I do recommend downloading the PDF instructions from the DJI site, also, since no instructions are included with the Phantom. Their reason for this is that it’s their way to make sure the instructions are always current and up-to-date. Okay, I’ll buy that (I guess).

    There are firmware upgrades made available via USB, but we Mac-users are currently out-of-luck. You do not need the upgrades except for advanced features (at least for now).

    I assembled my Phantom with no problems (again, after watching the five videos) and headed out to a large field. It was fairly breezy. Since I really didn’t know how to use the controller, except for setting it on GPS and where the throttle was, I calibrated the compass, set it on the grass, turned on the Phantom, and slowly raised the throttle. It immediately tipped forward, without leaving the ground. The second time it did the same thing. I had wondered how it would balance itself with the weight of the camera on the front, and I discovered it technically didn’t.

    So, as to try an option, I loosened the GoPro mounting screw and tilted the camera back to where it was looking almost straight down, but it made the Phantom more center-weighted. Sure enough, the Phantom lifted straight up on the third try. I’m sure there is a way to have it lift-off with the camera pointing more horizontally, since the vibration of the props quickly permitted the camera to rotate into more of a horizontal view.

    Since only the throttle was known to me, I just slowly raised it to full throttle with a cross wind, and it went probably as high as it will go, and simply remained stationary while hovering. It was windy on the ground protected by trees, so it must have been quite windy at altitude.

    I did slowly rotate the copter while it was up there, and it was well above the communications tower used by our law enforcers, which seems taller than a typical cell tower. You’l notice the horizon dipping on the left or right. That’s how the Phantom stays stationary in the wind by using its GPS. It must lean into the wind.

    I brought it all the way back down, hovered it in front of a interested stranger, moved it towards me and set it down, with a bounce. I decided to test the homing function by turning off the controller. For those who don’t know, when the Phantom losses connection with the controller, it automatically enters “go home” mode. It climbs to 60 feet, and makes a beeline to its home position, which is where it took-off from, all by using the GPS. Once it loses that connection with the controller, it will not regain it. Turning the controller back on will do nothing while it’s heading home.

    That was about the time I realized I really messed up, as I wasn’t paying attention to the tree branches that extended far out over my Phantom, about 20 feet up. I was sure I was watching the destruction of my Phantom when it hit those branches. But after battling them for a few seconds, it ricocheted out into clean air and righted itself. Whew, I thought (but it wasn’t over).

    Because it was using its GPS to climb and head home, as soon as it righted itself, it headed right back into the tree to continue its climb. Pieces of branches were flying everywhere. It retuned to the tree three times total, and when the tree spit it out after the third time, it hovered down low enough for me to grab a skid.

    Amazingly, the Phantom suffered *no* damage. None.

    A fully charged battery will keep it aloft between 10-15 minutes, so I already ordered an additional one, and will probably order more. They take over an hour to charge.

    Some users have referred to the “jello” appearance to the resulting video. I now know what they mean. I understand, though, that it’s cause by the propellers vibration which…
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